Traffic Ticket Lawyer Raleigh

Although many believe that traffic violations are minor, this is not always true. Though it’s easy to assume a speeding ticket or seat belt violation will have little to no effect on your driving privileges, the truth is that North Carolina traffic laws can be surprisingly strict. For instance, most people don’t know that 2 convicted speeding tickets over 55 mph in a one-year period could result in suspended license!

Why hire us for your traffic infraction?

Legal consequences like this make our job so important. You need an attorney with a wealth of experience in traffic law – one who can help you fight your case in the most strategic, effective manner. Our attorneys understand the consequences. That’s why we fight tirelessly to get your charges reduced, dismissed or to obtain a Prayer for Judgement.

Traffic Violations We Handle

The experienced attorneys at Manning Law Firm are poised to represent you for a variety of traffic infractions, including, but not limited to:

  • Speeding
  • Seatbelt violations
  • Car accidents
  • Running a stop sign/red light
  • Driving without a license

We can also help you navigate any insurance disputes, CDL violations and more! Our years of experience in traffic law are how you know that you are getting an elite defense from a seasoned, tenacious attorney. Contact us today for the best possible outcome of your traffic infraction.

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