Client Testimonials

At Manning Law Firm, we work hard to ensure our clients receive the best service possible and take pride in what they have to say. Whether it be a criminal offense, federal crime, traffic or DWI violation, we will fight for you.

Reviews From Our Clients

Never have I given a review of another lawyer; however, Mr. Thomas Manning is a giant among giants. I am honored to have been co-counsel in a murder trial with him. From the beginning to the end and beyond, he is an excellent scholar, consummate gentleman, and a pantomath of the legal profession. There is no one I would place higher for his dedication to justice and love for the law. My ultimate question of confidence is, 'would you recommend him to a friend?" Yes, every day and twice on Sundays.

- Allen S

Good, caring people. You will not find better representation.

- Robert M

The man knows his stuff. I should be in prison serving 10 years, but he was very determined to help out and I am extremely satisfied I hope I won't ever need him again but if I do he's got my business no doubt.

- Tone F

Taylor Manning is terrific. Very attentive and smart.

- Christina M

First rate lawyers who'll put on the gloves for you.

- Walter M

Experienced, Competent representation covering all legal issues.

- Andy H

Taylor helped me and my wife through a tough situation and he did everything he promised.

- Raynor S

Great staff and lawyers willing to help.

- Joel S